Reach Ahead Elementary Students

Get an Early Start on Grade 9 Credits

Reach Ahead Credits for Ontario Elementary Students in Grade 8
Reach Ahead

Ontario eSecondary School (OES) is a Ministry inspected online high school that is authorized to grant “reach ahead” credits.  For Ontario students currently in Grade 8, they are eligible to take up to three high school level credits ahead of time, with permission from their current Elementary School Principal and Parent/Guardian.

Students are typically eligible for Reach Ahead during the Grade 8 school year or the summer before Grade 9, as outlined in the Ontario Schools: Policy and Program Requirements section

This is a fabulous opportunity for elementary students to:

  • Lessen the academic demand in their first year of high school by completing a mandatory course
  • Ease the transition from the elementary into secondary schooling
  • Complete a compulsory course prior to the start of high school, allowing for more flexibility during the Grade 9 year


Please submit this form along with the supporting documents to if you would like to proceed with a Reach Ahead Credit for your son or daughter.

Upon successful completion of our reach ahead course, an official report card will be mailed to your prospective high school, notifying them that the course has been completed in advance.