At Ontario eSecondary (OES), a Ministry of Education inspected online high school, a student can register for an online course at any time. Once registered, they work at their own pace and schedule within the twelve-month timeframe we allot to each course. This means a student could complete the course in 4 weeks, 12 months or anytime in between! All of our online courses contain materials such as PowerPoints, videos, PDFs and interactive content guided by certified instructors covering Ontario curriculum expectations.

All of our online courses are developed with you, the student in mind. Our writers and developers are experienced and qualified in their respective fields and each course goes through a quality assurance checkup by our Principal who is OCT certified and has a Masters in Education. Assignments and quizzes appear throughout the course labelled with Assessment of Learning (AOL), Assessment for Learning (AFL) or Assessment as Learning (AAL), in-line with the Ontario Ministry of Education Growing Success Document so the content is clearly labelled for students who work through. When required, students submit their formative work, solutions and written assignments online and use our submission box which is clearly labelled. Interactive activities and multimedia elements occur throughout the content to engage students, provide opportunities to practice understanding, and differentiate instruction.

Once the course is finished, Ontario eSecondary (OES) will send official embossed copies of the final report card to the student’s home address and to the student’s home school where it is to be added to the list of courses on the Ontario Student Transcript (OST). If the Ontario Student Record (OSR) is maintained by the school it is their responsibility of that publicly funded or private school to update the transcript (OST).

Of course you can! Whether or not you are enrolled in university or college, another public, private, or catholic, high school, or live in another country or province, you are eligible to take courses at OES. You do not need the permission of your current school to take a course with OES, but it’s always best practice to ensure there is no conflict in your schedule. Ontario eSecondary (OES) will communicate with your school once the credit is earned. When you have finished the course, OES will mail a final report card to your home school where this course will be added to your ongoing Ontario Student Transcript (OST) in your Ontario Student Record (OSR) by them.

OSSD credits earned from OES are the same as those earned at publicly funded high schools in Ontario.

Yes! Ontario eSecondary (OES) is inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education and is authorized to grant credits towards the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), which are the same credits earned by students in bricks and mortar public and private schools in the Province of Ontario. Our Ministry BSID# is 667186.

You can validate this from the following two locations:

  1. Ontario eSecondary School accreditation letter (valid for two years from time of publishing)
  2. Ministry update secondary private school list (search the BSID# within the excel sheet link provided)

Students can proceed through their courses as quickly or as slowly as they desire within the twelve-month timeframe we allot per registration. There are no module schedules or due dates to follow – students decide when to hand in their assignments and when to take their tests to meet any personal deadlines they might have.  However OES recommends that student’s login to the learning platform 2-3 times a week to check for updates or to continue with their course progress (please see school course calendar for more information) — failure to do so will result in an absence for every week no log in’s are present.

If a student finds themselves needing to go over the twelve-month timeline they have the option to pay for course extensions (see below for more details). The course outline indicates that the course will take 110 hours and highlights the breakdown of each unit. Please keep in mind that the 110 hours reflects the number of hours a student may spend on the lessons and does not include additional time students may take to complete assignments or prepare for tests or examinations.

At Ontario eSecondary, we recognize that students learn at different paces and therefore, the rate of progress through the course is based on the students’ completion of the lessons and assessments, which equate to the 110 hours, not the amount of time they spend online.

Upgrade courses are intended for students who wish to improve their grades in courses that they have successfully completed and earned a credit in. These courses contain similar content to that previously studied and result in students earning the same credits they originally achieved — the higher of the two grades will appear on the student’s transcript with the lower grade being shown with an ‘R’ next to it. The only difference between the regular version and the upgrade version of the course is in the assessment workload. Upgrade courses have a condensed assessment workload (fewer or shorter assessments), which generally allow for students to progress through the course at a faster pace.

To be eligible to register for an upgrade course, the student must have completed the same course within the past 12 months, earning a final grade of at least 50%. A student who registers for an upgrade course must send a copy of their final report card, transcript, or credit counselling summary sheet to Ontario eSecondary School as proof of their successful completion of the course in the past 12 months.

Our tuition fees listed include all costs associated with the course – there are no textbooks and when required we provide an e-copy (unless otherwise stated).

At OES your tuition also includes access to unlimited on-demand online tutoring through our provider GradeSlam.

  1. Canadian student fees listed in Grade level course pages
  • If you have a Canadian citizenship and/or
  • If you are a Permanent Resident

2. International student: $795.00 CDN/course for Grade 9 through 12

  • If you are not a Canadian citizen, and/or
  • If you are not a Permanent Resident

Additional fees may apply in the following circumstances:

  • Course Transfers: A student has the option to transfer from one course to another at any time within the 12-month completion deadline. If a student requests a transfer, an administrative fee will be required as the administrative work will have to be repeated by our staff. This fee is $125.00. It is important to note that if a student transfers into a new course, the 12-month deadline will not refresh (and a course extension may need to be purchased). The student will be required to complete the new course within the original 12-month deadline, based upon the enrollment date of the original course. The decision of the OES Principal is final in all cases involving refund requests and course transfers.
  • OSSLT: Should a student wish to take the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test through OES at our office a fee of $250 will apply. If the student is taking the OSSLT at a location that is distant from the OES office a fee of $500 will apply. Please contact guidance@oeshighschool.com for more information.
  • Course Extensions: Students will have the opportunity to extend a course if they are unable to complete the course within the 12-month time limit. The extension options are listed below.
    • 1 additional month – $50
    • 3 additional months – $125
    • 6 additional months – $250
  • The maximum length of extension allowed for any course is twelve months total. Students must pay for the extension on or before the date of expiration. Fees apply to the number of months being purchased at the time of transaction, and are not calculated in combination with any extensions previously purchased by the student. For example, if a student purchases three months for $125 and requires an additional one month extension, the same fee ($50) will apply with no fee reductions. Students will be removed from their courses on the next business day following the expiration date. Once removed, the course cannot be reactivated.


There may be additional costs if a student transfers his or her OSR to OES and OES becomes the student’s home school, or if OES is required to create a new OSR. Such costs include:

  • Equivalent Credit Assessments: OES can evaluate transcripts and report cards of a student from outside Ontario to determine if the student has completed equivalent credits elsewhere that fall under the OSSD requirements. There is no fee for an initial assessment; this will determine how many courses the student needs to complete in order to earn the OSSD. Should a student decide to register, the fee to create the official equivalent credit assessment is $250
  • OUAC: An OUAC account can be opened for any student whose OSR is maintained by OES. OES will maintain the OUAC account throughout that school year. The fee for managing the account, and applications to 3 post-secondary institutions is $250 and is a part of the Main School Fee. OES can also communicate directly with post-secondary institutions, rather than OUAC, if needed. Additional fees will also apply if a student requires information to be couriered. OES can/will also communicate with OUAC and post-secondary institutions for students whose OSR is not held at OES as the circumstance arises. There is no fee for this.

OES will inform the student’s home school when he or she registers for a course, when the midpoint has been reached, and when the course has been completed. A midterm report card and final report card will both be sent to the home school. The OSSD credit earned at OES will then be added to the student’s list of credits which is maintained by the home school on an Ontario Student Transcript (OST) – please speak to your home school guidance office for more details.

●       What support will I have throughout the course?

Students will have a certified teacher throughout the course as well as 24/7 access to unlimited, on-demand, online tutoring for as long as you are enrolled in a course.

●       Who will be my teacher?

At OES, students will be assigned an Ontario Certified Teacher (OCT) the same as they would in a public school. Students will have the same teacher throughout the entire course* and will be able to communicate with the teacher through email.

Please visit our staff page under ‘About’ to learn more about our teachers.

●       What is my teacher’s role throughout my course?

Your teacher is there to answer questions, provide feedback, and grade assessments. Your OES teacher should be the first person you contact with any questions or concerns about your course or course content. However, if you require additional support please note we offer a 24/7 tutoring service that is unlimited and can of use to you as well.

●       How long does it take for assessments to be graded at OES?

The majority of departments at OES follow a standard of providing feedback and grading within 5 days.

●       Do I have to wait until an assignment is graded before I can move forward in the course?

No! You are able to continue working through your lessons at your own pace; however, we recommend waiting for your teacher’s feedback so you can ensure you are on the right track before submitting more assignments. Having this feedback provided to you will ensure you are able to be as successful as possible in the course

●       How does the tutoring work?

The service is online, unlimited, on-demand, and instantly available 24/7 and includes features such as live essay editing and support in English and French. The tutors are proficient in all subject areas offered by Ontario eSecondary School. You can learn more about it here.

All unit tests and final exams at Ontario eSecondary (OES) are closed-book and completed online under the supervision of an appropriate Proctor. Proctoring can be organized through one of the following two options:

Option 1: In-Person Proctoring (Arranged by the student)

The student may arrange their own proctor to meet with them in person for the purpose of invigilating the test or exam. This is written at a time, place and location that is most comfortable and safe for the student.

The student must apply to write the test or final exam a minimum of 48-72 hours prior to the proposed date by having the proctor complete the OES Proctor Form which is available in your course.

In order to be approved, any in-person exam proctor must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Must not be related to the student in any way
  • Must not be a student at any level
  • Must not be a tutor
  • Must have a university degree or college designation

Who can this be? Some examples include:

  • A high school teacher, librarian or guidance counsellor (or anyone else at the school)
  • A neighbour, co-worker or manager at work
  • A professor, counsellor, social worker or colleague
  • Anyone who meets the requirements above

If the proctor is approved, the proctor will be provided with detailed test or exam instructions via email. The approved proctor and student may then proceed with the test or final exam as scheduled. Once the test or final exam has been written, the proctor must send the test or exam back to the teacher as a scanned, clearly legible document. This document must be returned to the course instructor promptly following the exam. A student’s final grade is not released until this document has been submitted.

If a student chooses a proctor who charges a fee for their services, the student is responsible for those or any other expenses.

Option 2: Online Proctoring (Arranged through OES for students of OES only)

Students may use the Ontario eSecondary (OES) online proctoring service with an Ontario Certified Teacher (OCT). This service is particularly helpful for students who are unable to find an in-person proctor or require last-minute test or exam arrangements. OES strongly recommends scheduling the test or exam at least two days in advance to allow for proper teacher communication.

To schedule a proctor for a test or exam, students must do the following:

  1. Find an available time slot for your test or final exam and book it — learn more here
  2. Pay the necessary fee
  3. Complete the Assessment Information Form (will be made available after payment is complete)

For this proctoring option, students must have the following (all are mandatory):

  • A webcam
  • A microphone
  • A laptop or desktop computer
  • Printer (present at the time of the assessment)
  • Scanner or Scanner app (via App Store or Play Store)
  • Government-issued photo ID

Upon completion of the test or exam, the student’s exam video will be reviewed to verify that all procedures were properly followed. The student will then scan the test or exam with the proctor live and email it directly to the proctor’s email address.

If the student is currently registered in a public or private school, then the student should consider arranging to write the exam with a person associated with his or her home school (Teacher, Librarian, Counsellor), where feasible. If the student is not currently registered with another school, or this is not an option, we recommend that the student contact a local public library, college/university or testing centre to see if they offer proctoring services.

The student will be required to adhere to policies and procedures of these locations in addition to OES final exam policies and procedures. If this option is not available, then the student can ask anyone who he or she knows that meets all requirements set out above. A few examples of individuals who would most likely be approved as a proctors are: engineers, registered nurses, lawyers, Chartered Accountants.

If you are a student who is currently enrolled at OES as a full-time student or if OES is your home school (meaning that we currently hold your OSR) and you would like a copy of your transcript, please email info@oeshighschool.com with your request. The cost of an official stamped transcript plus 1-Day Canada Post Express shipping with tracking (to any address within Canada) is $40.00 CDN.

Refunds will be processed if requested within 24 hours of purchase OR at the discretion of the Principal if prior to 24 hours. Thereafter, no refunds will be provided due to the administrative nature that is required to establishing a student record in our system and granting access to the course content.

Before you purchase a course please ensure it meets your requirements — if you aren’t sure please email info@oeshighschool.com

For more information contact info@oeshighschool.com

As a Ministry of Education inspected private high school, all universities and colleges in Ontario will accept the credits you earn through Ontario eSecondary School. If you have questions about how the grade will be viewed by a specific university or college, we suggest you speak with them and/or the department you intend on applying too.

Yes, we can support you during your course if you have an IEP. Please complete this intake form once you have enrolled in the course. To learn more please read here.

Accommodations for Exams

During the final exam, students on an IEP may be provided accommodations.  These may include, but are not limited to use of assistive technology, extra time (no longer than double time), scribe, reading of the questions, breaks during the exam.  Each student will be provided support on an individual basis so accommodations may vary based on previous IEP information and proper documentation.

For further information on how we can support you, contact sbeemer@oeshighschool.com

To complete your registration with OES we require one of the following government issued identification:

  • Drivers License
  • Health Card
  • Passport

Plus one of the following documents that will serve as proof of the prerequisite (as applicable) and your Ontario Education Number (OEN):

  • Ontario Student Transcript (OST)
  • Credit Counselling Summary
  • Report Card

Please scan or take a clear picture with your smartphone and send the documents to info@oeshighschool.com once you have completed your registration form after course purchase.

If you do not have any of these documents and previously attended a high school in Ontario please contact the district school board office in which your high school was in for a copy of your documents.

If you do not have any of these documents and are registering with an academic history outside of Ontario please email to info@oeshighschool.com and we will guide you with next steps.

We look forward to your enrollment!

Students use our fast-track service in the courses they enrol with us to upgrade their marks, meet university or college admission requirements, retake failed courses, or just to have their work returned on a schedule that works for then. This priority grading service allows for students to get their work summative work graded in 1-2 business days rather than the usual 3-5 business days alongside 24 hour response time from teachers. Get the credit you need when you need it! Learn more or add it to your course here. Please email info@oeshighschool.com for any questions or queries.

Yes and we have licensed Quebec teachers to evaluate the learning project that the DEM (Direction de l’enseignement à la maison) requires. We can also provide guidance with the creation of the learning project as needed. Book a guidance appointment with one of our experienced staff to learn more.

Yes! The Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) is a program for those interested in bypassing Cégep in order to gain opportunities all over the world. Students can complete their studies in one year and use it to attend university in Canada or with any NCAA school in the US. The credits and diploma they earn here are nationally and internationally recognized.

While many French post-secondary institutions in Quebec (UQO, UQAM, UQAQ and UQAR) require Cégep or a bachelor degree for admission to programs, Anglophone Universities in Quebec do accept an Ontario High School Diploma. Please contact the University’s Admissions Office for details.

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