Report Card

Ontario eSecondary School (OES) issues an official Ontario Secondary School Report Card when a student reaches the midterm and final point of any course taken through OES. One copy will be sent directly to the school holding the student’s Ontario Student Record (OSR) to be added to the record and to the Ontario Student Transcript (OST). The student will also receive a hard copy by mail.

The report card provides a percentage grade which reflects the corresponding level outlined in the achievement chart for the subject matter. A student successfully earns the credit when a final grade of 50% or higher is earned.

The final grade for each course in Grades 9–12 will be determined through the completion of both course work and a final evaluation. Course work and assessments will make up 70% of the final grade. This portion of the grade should reflect the student’s most consistent level of achievement. However, special consideration can be given to more recent evidence of achievement alongside the teacher’s professional judgement. The remaining 30% of the final grade will be based on a final evaluation delivered as an examination, performance essay, and/or other method suitable to the course content.

The report card also provides a record of the learning skills demonstrated by a student in each course. Learning skills will be assessed in the following six categories: Responsibility, Organization, Independent Work, Collaboration, Initiative, and Self-Regulation. These learning skills are evaluated using a four-point scale (E–Excellent, G–Good, S–Satisfactory, N–Needs Improvement). The report card includes the teacher’s comments on what a student has learned, their significant strengths, and the next steps for improvement.

Ontario Student Transcript (OST)

The Ontario Student Transcript (OST) is an official document maintained by the Ontario school for each student. The OST is stored in the student’s Ontario Student Record (OSR) and retained for 55 years after a student retires from school. It is a record of all secondary school course work and diploma requirements. The OST will be issued to students whose OSR is held by OES as required and upon graduation. In September 1999, the Ontario Ministry of Education instructed that schools in Ontario implement a policy of full disclosure. This policy states that all grade 11 and 12 courses attempted by students must be recorded on Ontario Student Transcripts. Students needing a certified copy of their Ontario Student Transcript from Ontario eSecondary School may contact the Administration Head at Ontario eSecondary School. If the student is currently attending another school – public or private – and is simply taking a single course from Ontario eSecondary School, then that student’s OSR will reside at the school that the student is attending and the transcript must be requested from there. Where students registered in a publicly funded secondary school, earn a credit or credits with OES, the principal of the publicly funded secondary school is responsible for ensuring that Ontario eSecondary School credit is recorded on the student’s OST. Ontario eSecondary School will automatically forward an official copy of the student’s final report card of the course taken at Ontario eSecondary School to the student’s school holding the OSR, so that the credit can be added to the OST. Ontario eSecondary  School establishes or obtains the student OSR containing the OST, only if the student becomes the sole responsibility of Ontario eSecondary School.

Withdrawal from a Course

  1. Withdrawals occurring within 5 days of the issuing of the first report card from Ontario eSecondary School will result in the mark not being recorded on the OST.
  2. A withdrawal from a Grade 11 or 12 course after 5 days of the issuing of the first report card results in a “W” being entered in the “Credit” column of the OST along with the mark at the time of the withdrawal.
  3. Withdrawals at anytime from Grade 9 or 10 courses are not recorded on the OST.
  4. If there are extraordinary circumstances relating to a student’s withdrawal from a course, an “S” may be entered in the “Note” column on the OST.

Repetition of a Course

  • Only one credit is earned if course is repeated.
  • In Grade 11 and 12, an “R” appears on the student’s OST for the course with the lower mark.

Equivalent Credits

Out of province students or transfers from non-inspected private schools may be granted equivalent credits upon the Principal’s evaluation of the student’s previous learning.

  • “Equivalent Credits” are entered in the “Course Title” column
  • “PLE” entered in the “Course Code” column.
  • “EQV” in the “Percentage Grade” column.
  • The total number of credits entered into the “Credit” column.
  • And the number of compulsory credits entered into the “Compulsory” column.

Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)

Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) is the primary goal of high school students in Ontario. Students must successfully complete a total of 30 credits (of which 18 are compulsory), satisfy the Ontario Literacy Requirement, and complete 40 hours of Community Involvement Activities in order to earn the OSSD. A credit is earned following the successful completion of a 110-hour course that aligns to the curriculum expectations as outlined by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

OES will issue the OSSD to students who take all of their courses with OES or to those who have completed courses at other schools but have successfully completed their final credit or credits with OES. The OSSD issued by OES is the same OSSD as that issued by any public, Catholic, or Ministry-inspected private school in Ontario and is recognized by colleges and universities around the world.

Ontario Student Record (OSR)

The Ontario Student Record (OSR) is the official school record for a student registered in a school in Ontario. Every Ontario school keeps an OSR for each student enrolled at that school. The OSR contains achievement results, credits earned and diploma requirements completed, and other information important to the education of the student. These records are protected by the Education Act and Freedom of Information legislation in the Province of Ontario. If a student is enrolled in Ontario eSecondary School as well as another Ontario secondary school, the OSR is held by the school where the student is taking the most courses. OES will not hold the OSR for students who have already graduated at another school. If the student is currently attending another school – public or private – and is simply taking a single course from Ontario eSecondary School, then that student’s OSR will reside at the school that the student is attending and taking the most courses. Ontario eSecondary School establishes or obtains the student OSR only if the student becomes the sole responsibility of Ontario eSecondary School.


In the OSR goes:

  • Form 1A
  • Provincial Report Card: OES will file both the midterm and final report cards in the student’s OSR or OES will send these report cards to the student’s school where this OSR is held
  • Ontario School Transcript (OST)
  • Documentation Files for such things as IPRC, IEP, psychological assessments, Violent Incident Form, etc.
  • Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) Challenge for Credit: Cumulative Tracking Record
  • Annual Community Involvement Report
  • Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test results

Personal information in the OSR is maintained for at least one year after use. Report cards and documentation files are maintained for five years after use. The OSR folder containing the OST and the Office Index Card will be maintained for fifty-five years after a student retires.


Students and their parents or guardians (if the student is under age 18) may examine the contents of the OSR. Access to the OSR is also granted to the educational personnel from the Ministry of Education. The staff, parent, and student will only have access to look through the OSR in the presence of the Principal. At no time will staff, student, or teacher be alone with with the OSR file.

OSR Security

All OSRs at OES are maintained in a lock and key cabinet bolted to the ground. Only the Principal has the key to the cabinet.


The OSR is an ongoing record and may be transferred from Ontario eSecondary School if the student transfers to another school. Transfer of all of the original material in the OSR occurs by Priority Post when Ontario eSecondary School receives written request from the receiving school. If a student transfers outside Ontario, then only a copy of the OSR is transferred. When a student retires, Ontario eSecondary School may give the parents a copy of the OSR, if so requested.

OSR Services

Ontario eSecondary School performs the PLAR equivalency for both high school and mature students whether they are in Ontario or outside of it. The fee for this service is $150.00 and can be processed here. To learn more about the PLAR equivalency process and the documents we require please visit this page.

Ontario eSecondary School communicates directly with OUAC and Ontario Universities for both OUAC 101 and 105 applications. In the case of non-home school students who are 101 applicants we will send the current, midterm and final notification directly from our end to OUAC as each instance occurs. We will always ask students to confirm this request and provide their OUAC 101 number.

For OUAC 101 applications for students who have OES as their home school this process will occur as a part of the Main School Registration which is $250.00. We will provide these OUAC 101 applicants with a pin which they can use to apply to the university of their choice.

For OUAC 105 applicants who are taking courses through OES, we will send the final report card to the university admission office via mail that you are applying too. We will request the student to provide their OUAC 105 application number as confirmation. Note: We can only provide report cards and not transcripts if you graduated from another high school since we do not update and maintain your OSR.

Ontario eSecondary School students applying to OCAS should know that OES is able to upload marks directly for both students taking courses through OES which a home school and for those for which OES in their home school. In the case that OES is their home school a fee may be required for this service.

For all students who are registered with OES and want to complete the OSSLT you can learn more about the course fees here. Students who have their OSR residing with OES will be contacted regarding the OSSLT as required.

All high school students who are interested in graduating with OES must complete the Community Involvement Hours (40 hours) to earn their Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). Mature students who are interested in registering for the OSSD and need to complete their community hours may be subject to less hours to complete as per the Principal’s discretion (6.1.4 of Ontario Schools Document)

For students who have their OSR held with OES, they can request a transfer to another Ontario school at no additional charge. Please have the OSR transfer form emailed to

Please note: All official report cards, transcripts and official school documents will be sent by Mara Cee who can be contacted at and/or Mr. T. Khan in Guidance at

For any document verification please email Mara directly.