General Information

Online High School Has Never Been Easier.

Ontario eSecondary School (OES) offers self-paced Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) credit courses throughout the year in a user-friendly online format. Students can complete courses from anywhere at any time and have multiple support options including teachers, administrative staff, and unlimited tutoring. OES is the perfect fit for students looking to complete courses without having to commit to a rigid schedule.

Ontario eSecondary was designed to provide online high school credits for many types of students including:

  • Students who would like to add an online course to their existing high school timetable
  • Students who are seeking entry into a college or university program and are missing a necessary prerequisite that their own local high school is not offering
  • Students with health related issues who require access to an alternative learning program that will lead to graduation with an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)
  • Those who are pursuing careers in professional athletics, theatre or arts and must travel a great deal during the school year
  • Adult students who are working full time and do not wish to attend night school or adult school
  • International students seeking a quality high school program that will provide them with entrance into an advanced university or college program

We accept students year-round through fast and flexible courses that are accredited by the Ministry of Education.

To get started with enrolment today, please start here or contact us for additional information at