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We recognize that getting back into studying can be intimidating but we are here to help. Whether you have a job, a family and daily responsibilities our program allows you to access your learning from the comfort of your own home. At OES you will receive support from our guidance office and 24/7 tutoring included in your tuition. Take the next step and reach your goals today: whether your goals include getting a new job, going to college or earning a promotion at work, OES is here to support you.

Who is a Mature Student?

As of February 1, 2022 the newly revised mandatory PLAR requirements set out in this memorandum will come into effect, and will apply to mature students as defined as:

You may be eligible to earn credits through PLAR if any one of the following applies:

  • You started Grade 9 in Ontario in 1999 or later, but you did not earn the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).
  • You have earned senior credits (grades 11 and 12) in English and Math but are missing junior credits (grades 9 and 10) in compulsory subject areas.
  • You completed some or all of your high school education outside Ontario or Canada and you have academic documents to indicate what educational level you completed.
  • You attended high school outside Ontario or Canada but you do not have any documents to show what educational level you have completed.

Through PLAR, it may be possible for an adult student to earn credits towards an OSSD faster than you think! Read more below and also from this Ministry Memoranda which we use as a guide.

Completed some or all of high school outside of Ontario, or have completed some or all College or University education outside of Ontario.

Please read about the Equivalency Process (assessment of documents) and then proceed below:

  1. Purchase the PLAR (Prior Learning and Recognition) service you are interested in. The fee for the PLAR Equivalency is $250.00.
  2. Complete the registration form that you will receive in your email after your purchase.
  3. Complete the Equivalency Form
  4. Review the Ministry Memoranda so you understand what is expected from you and what may apply to you
  5. Email a scanned copy of Government Issued ID to
  6. As it applies, please email a scanned copy of all your academic records, transcripts, diplomas, certificates and resume along with any other experience you have gained to — this will help us determine how many equivalency credits you may be granted and/or whether you are eligible for the challenge process.
  7. If you are applying outside the Province of Ontario, you will need to arrange for a proctor (see our FAQ for more information) to oversee our mandatory English Proficiency Assessment.

During this process an Ontario Education Number (OEN) will be assigned to you and an Ontario Student Record (OSR) will be created and maintained in our office. The results of the PLAR will outline the number of credits you have been granted (out of 30) and the stream you have been placed in outlining the types of courses you will be eligible to complete going forward.

Earned some high school credits in Ontario or completed all of them (ie. 30 credits) and would like to enroll into a University or College level course but do not have the prerequisite course or would simply like to complete your high school diploma.

If you are a mature student and know the course you would like to register for and are confident that you have the prerequisite, you are welcome to learn more on our “How Does it Work?” page and enroll in the course you desire. Proof of prerequisite in the form of a transcript, report card or credit summary will be required.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about course enrolment such as waiving prerequisites please email

Depending on your circumstance and completion of some high school credits, the Principal would be able to grant you up to 16 Grade 9 and 10 credits. We would be able to do this through you providing us with:

a) previous academic records, or

b) transcripts and completion of individual assessments, or

(c) completion of individual assessments.

If mature students have completed training programs or military service programs they may qualify for equivalency credits or have the ability to challenge a course for credit. Up to 16 Grade 9 and 10 credits may be granted to a mature student at the discretion of the principal following individual assessment.

For Grade 11 and 12 credits:

Mature students may earn 10 of the 14 remaining Grade 11 and 12 credits needed to meet diploma requirements in two ways:

(1) they may present education and/or training credentials for assessment through the equivalency process;

The equivalency process involves the assessment of credentials from other jurisdictions for courses already complete.


(2) they may take the courses.

It should be noted that Levels 2 and 3 in both classical languages and international languages are equivalent to Grades 11 and 12, respectively, and that Levels 4 and 5 in Native languages are equivalent to Grades 11 and 12, respectively.

Mature students must earn a minimum of 4 Grade 11 and 12 credits by taking the course at a secondary school such as OES. Mature students who have previously accumulated 26 or more credits towards the diploma must successfully complete the required number of courses to bring their total number of credits up to 30 before they will be eligible to receive the OSSD.

If you have any questions please complete the contact form indicating your status as a mature student and interest in the PLAR and we will be in touch within 24hrs with next steps.

Student Stories


Mary is a former OES student. She took MAP4C – Grade 12 College math with OES and currently works as a medical coder. She registered with the course through Ontario eSecondary School because she needed the opportunity to earn a high school credit online.

Read more about her experience here

To proceed with admission into OES as a mature student please read the scenario that fits your circumstance and follow those steps accordingly:

Purchase the initial steps for the PLAR assessment here .This will allow us to begin the process for your Mature Student Assessment by reviewing necessary documents and assigning assessments for English, Science, Math, Geography and History (if applicable).

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  • It was a great experience with OES High School and the teacher, Mr. Reel, as well as the administrator, Mara, are very kind, understanding, and responded to all of my emails super fast! I highly recommended OES to all students who need any high school credits! Thank you so much OES, I am very happy with my involvement with you!

    misha birdi Avatar
    misha birdi

    I had an incredible experience at Ontario eSecondary School while taking the MDM4U credit with Mr. Reel. His teaching made learning Data Management both enjoyable and understandable. Also, Mara's exceptional support during and after the enrollment process made everything quick and seamless. The kindness and support shown by everyone at OES made learning so much more easy and fun!

    Fatima Waqar Avatar
    Fatima Waqar

    My experience with OES is summarised in one word "Phenomenal". I highly recommend this institution to anyone who would like to improve or expand your educational requirements. Both the teachers and administration are professionals and provide top-notch services with outstanding quality . The programs allows the flexibility to complete at your own pace, which is important.
    Thanks OES!!

    Niala Rampersad Avatar
    Niala Rampersad

    Ontario eSecondary School was such a great opportunity for me and I really enjoyed the work that I did with them. Their courses are well structured, ensuring student success and understanding. I felt that I always had someone to ask when I had questions or concerns and my teachers were extremely quick with their responses. Since I was able to complete all my course work on my own, I learned a lot about time management and was able to meet my program requirements on time. I would 100% recommend courses from this school for anyone looking to upgrade their highschool course requirements or finish highschool. Good luck!

    Poomeja Avatar
  • My daughter took a grade 9 geography course and had a wonderful experience! Her teacher was very responsive and the course material was excellent and just the right amount. We will definitely be coming back to this online school in the future.

    Lisa Roth Avatar
    Lisa Roth

    As this program offers, it's a way for anyone to obtain credits through an method with 24/7 assistance with an on-demand, unlimited and fully online tutoring service. Fast and accessible as you work at your own pace to fit your schedule.

    I was given a yearly time period to complete a course and finished within 3-4 months. Your assigned teacher isn't obligated to delegate you, but just like any field of learning. There're expectations and deadlines.

    Raymond Chan Avatar
    Raymond Chan

    My son recently completed Challenge and Change, a grade 12 social science course from overseas. His experience from registration, through to course work, exam competition and facilitating his grade to his transcript was exceptional, responsive, and professional. His teacher Mara was more engaged than many of his previous in-person teachers. Thank you!!!

    Jody Young Avatar
    Jody Young

    This was a very great experience and I really enjoyed. It had comfortable timeline, great teachers and they helped me a lot to understand and learn.

    VIRA VATCHA Avatar
  • Excellent program and support from my son's kind teacher and other great staff. Love the tutoring service available as well. Fun novel and projects!

    clay9560 clay9560 Avatar
    clay9560 clay9560

    I had a great experience, my teacher was quick to respond and considerate of my needs as a student, and I'm very glad I decided to take courses from this program. highly recommend to anyone that's looking to get a few extra credits

    Maia Kalev Avatar
    Maia Kalev

    OES is a highly professional online post secondary school which enables anyone to be able to earn high school credits or even upgrade high school marks. The administration, staff and teachers are all extremely helpful and supportive. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone!!!
    Thank you OES!!! 😄

    Linda Sirota Avatar
    Linda Sirota

    Amazing school experience where the teachers are there to help facilitate learning and excellence, not to put their students down, like many teachers do. I re-took grade 11 university functions and received a much better education and final grade than my experience in public schooling in Southern Ontario. I would highly recommend this if you are organized and can meet your own deadlines.

    Derek Ford Avatar
    Derek Ford
  • One of the best school and experience I had.
    Easy and comfortable timeline, professional teachers and principal, they did help me a lot to pass everything and explaining everything nice and easy to me regarding my deadline. They do have a 24 hour tutors that can help you to explain at any time I like it I don’t know what to say more but it’s one of the best school.

    Thank you

    AL obaidi Avatar
    AL obaidi

    Ontario eSecondary School is by far the best online learning academy in Ontario. My teacher was very great as he was easily accessible, had very fast response times, and was extremely friendly. He even had the chance to do our live meeting on Thanksgiving Monday! The course content for the class I took was great, and will be very beneficial for post-secondary learning. It was amazing that they provided free online tutoring for students, that feature really stood out to me when selecting OES for this course. You will not regret taking a course here!

    Julia Mesburis Avatar
    Julia Mesburis

    taking a Calculus course with this school was really easy and the support team and the teacher was there for me all the time. the teacher also was very helpfull in explaining idea.

    Saad Almekhlef Avatar
    Saad Almekhlef

    Super fast responses, easy registration. It was a pleasure interacting with them!

    Meghan Ignatesc Avatar
    Meghan Ignatesc

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