Overview | Educational Planning

Personalized Education & Career Planning Workshop

Whether you’re a high school, mature or international student, we can help you plan your academic pathway and create a bright future.


Step One : 30 Min

We believe in the value of educational planning for students of all ages. Through conversations and career assessments tools, we help identify their strengths, skills, interests, and goals. We then help to match those qualities against post-secondary profiles in the steps ahead.


Step Two : 60-90 Min

The key to a successful educational plan is understanding your child and the decisions that need to be made. We work to understand students, their personalities, behavioural traits and current circumstances with their eye on the future so we can help them take the right courses, apply to the right programs and get the jobs they’ve always wanted.


Step Three : 60 Min

We’ll help you figure out what’s next. Whether it’s a full-time career or the start of something big, we’ll give you all the information and support you need to make the right choice for you. And if it’s college, university or trade school that’s next, we can connect you with programs that fit your goals and grants and scholarships to make education more affordable.

Join Us for a 1:1 Online Workshop

Looking for help in deciding what courses, post-secondary programs and careers you should consider?

Includes the following:

  • A personalized 1:1 workshop to understand and plan your high school, post-secondary and career path.
  • We will identify your traits, skills, values and interests and match them to courses, post-secondary institutions
  • After our initial meeting, we’ll do our research and share our findings and recommendations with you in a written report.
  • Connecting you to resources and support services for continued success both socially and academically
  • Set a foundation for further learning and clarity by having a game plan you can always refer to
  • Identifying the necessary prerequisites for post-secondary programs (University & College)
  • Making a smooth transition plan higher education and the workforce

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