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The fast, convenient way to earn a high school credit.

Our credits are accepted by all public high schools, universities & colleges. BSID #667186

Ontario eSecondary School (OES) is a private asynchronous Ministry inspected high school offering the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) diploma and course credits. Our online high school courses are 100% online, accredited by the same organizations that accredit brick-and-mortar schools. They’re flexible enough to meet your busy schedule, so you can take classes on your own time. And they’re convenient enough to allow you to finish at your own pace!

How do I start? Students may enroll any day of the year and begin their course(s) within 24 hours of registration. Students have up to 12 months to complete each course. This model allows students to work at their own pace and schedule while managing their own deadlines. All students are eligible to take courses with our school. Permission from the student’s main high school of registration is not required. 

How will I be supported? In addition to the support we provide with our qualified Ontario Certified Teachers, all our courses include access to 24/7 unlimited, on-demand, online tutoring included in the course fee. You can learn more here

Will I need course materials? Nope! All course content is fully online. There may be courses that require you to visit a library or view a book online but you’ll be notified in those cases. You can learn more here

Where will I do the exam? All course exams are written at the convenience of the students. Students may finish their courses and write their proctored final exams online any day of the year from anywhere in the world. You can learn more here.

How will you transfer the grade to my school? OES will communicate with the student’s main school of registration (home school) throughout the course by sending them a midterm report, and a final report. Upon request by the student, OES will also send this information to the OUAC, OCAS, or post-secondary institutions. When the main school of registration receives the final report, the mark is added to the student’s Ontario Student Transcript (OST) and Ontario Student Record (OSR), making OES courses the perfect complement and convenient choice to any student’s secondary school education. Students may also enroll in OES on a full-time basis and earn their entire OSSD fully online. 

Think you can’t earn a high school diploma online? Think again. With this convenient and fast-paced program you can earn your high school diploma without ever leaving home. And we’ll prepare you for life in the real world by teaching you key skills like communicating effectively and using technology to your advantage. Start anytime, and graduate with our full-credit course format that includes virtual labs, projects, and assessments.

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Read what our students have to say

  • As this program offers, it's a way for anyone to obtain credits through an method with 24/7 assistance with an on-demand, unlimited and fully online tutoring service. Fast and accessible as you work at your own pace to fit your schedule.

    I was given a yearly time period to complete a course and finished within 3-4 months. Your assigned teacher isn't obligated to delegate you, but just like any field of learning. There're expectations and deadlines.

    Raymond Chan Avatar
    Raymond Chan

    My son recently completed Challenge and Change, a grade 12 social science course from overseas. His experience from registration, through to course work, exam competition and facilitating his grade to his transcript was exceptional, responsive, and professional. His teacher Mara was more engaged than many of his previous in-person teachers. Thank you!!!

    Jody Young Avatar
    Jody Young

    This was a very great experience and I really enjoyed. It had comfortable timeline, great teachers and they helped me a lot to understand and learn.

    VIRA VATCHA Avatar

    Excellent program and support from my son's kind teacher and other great staff. Love the tutoring service available as well. Fun novel and projects!

    clay9560 clay9560 Avatar
    clay9560 clay9560
  • I had a great experience, my teacher was quick to respond and considerate of my needs as a student, and I'm very glad I decided to take courses from this program. highly recommend to anyone that's looking to get a few extra credits

    Maia Kalev Avatar
    Maia Kalev

    OES is a highly professional online post secondary school which enables anyone to be able to earn high school credits or even upgrade high school marks. The administration, staff and teachers are all extremely helpful and supportive. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone!!!
    Thank you OES!!! 😄

    Linda Sirota Avatar
    Linda Sirota

    Amazing school experience where the teachers are there to help facilitate learning and excellence, not to put their students down, like many teachers do. I re-took grade 11 university functions and received a much better education and final grade than my experience in public schooling in Southern Ontario. I would highly recommend this if you are organized and can meet your own deadlines.

    Derek Ford Avatar
    Derek Ford

    One of the best school and experience I had.
    Easy and comfortable timeline, professional teachers and principal, they did help me a lot to pass everything and explaining everything nice and easy to me regarding my deadline. They do have a 24 hour tutors that can help you to explain at any time I like it I don’t know what to say more but it’s one of the best school.

    Thank you

    AL obaidi Avatar
    AL obaidi
  • Ontario eSecondary School is by far the best online learning academy in Ontario. My teacher was very great as he was easily accessible, had very fast response times, and was extremely friendly. He even had the chance to do our live meeting on Thanksgiving Monday! The course content for the class I took was great, and will be very beneficial for post-secondary learning. It was amazing that they provided free online tutoring for students, that feature really stood out to me when selecting OES for this course. You will not regret taking a course here!

    Julia Mesburis Avatar
    Julia Mesburis

    taking a Calculus course with this school was really easy and the support team and the teacher was there for me all the time. the teacher also was very helpfull in explaining idea.

    Saad Almekhlef Avatar
    Saad Almekhlef

    Super fast responses, easy registration. It was a pleasure interacting with them!

    Meghan Ignatesc Avatar
    Meghan Ignatesc

    It was a great experience! I took Economics, the teacher was super helpful and was always ready to help. The course material was great! Overall it was a good learning time and I did very well in the course as well!

    Gurreet Brar Avatar
    Gurreet Brar
  • I took a high school course with his institution in order to qualify for the college program I wanted to take.

    The administrative staff and instructors were all very congenial and swift in their responses. Access to tutoring is phenomenal and I have nothing but praise for my experience with this educational provider.

    Thank you OES!

    Lacey Williams Avatar
    Lacey Williams

    The teachers are really great and understanding. The content is explained very carefully and the courses are flexible. 5 stars!

    Sagar Raithatha Avatar
    Sagar Raithatha

    My daughter needed to upgrade her math mark and the school's program was excellent and her teacher Mr. Haque was amazing as well providing guidance where necessary. Overall a great experience and would use them again if needed!

    Sean Neil Avatar
    Sean Neil

    I completed a Grade 11 University Physics class with OES which was required for a college program that I was looking to pursue.

    My experience was fantastic; the opportunity that OES gives you to learn at your own pace is really great! The tools material provided to assist you in learning are more than adequate. They provide a free online tutoring service which is extremely helpful in a pinch!

    Everyone, including my teacher and the administration, was so helpful especially Mara (Program Admin)! She was always available to assist me with any questions/requests I had. Thank you OES!

    R_1996 Avatar

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